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Our menu



Tomato cream soup3,80 €
with whipped cream and baguette

Shrimps soup4,80 €
with whipped cream and baguette

Starters & Intermezzi

Feta cheese5,50 €
with olives & baguette

Baked potato5,50 €
with sour cream & salad

Baked potato7,50 €
with fried chicken strips & salad

Fried scampi "mango"7,50 €
with mango-ananas-sauce & baguette

Fried scampi "mediterranean"8,50 €
with chili sauce, vegetables & baguette

Something green ?

Big varied salad8,50 €
with feta cheese, olives & homemade dressing

Big varied salad8,50 €
with fried chicken stripes & homemade dressing

Big varied salad9,50 €
with smoked salmon & homemade dressing

Big varied salad9,50 €
with scampi & homemade dressing

We pass baguette to all salads.

Main courses

Stone-oven pizza

Prosciutto pizza8,50 €
with ham

Diavolo pizza9,50 €
with spicy salami & pepperoni

It doesn't go whitout meat

Holsteiner sour meat10,50 €
with fried potatoes

Big schnitzel (200 gr.)10,50 €
with french fries

Escalope hunter style13,50 €
with mushroom sauce & french fries

Sliced from the pig 13,50 €
with whitewine sauce & rice

Peppersteak (200 gr.)15,50 €
with croquettes & pepper sauce

Rumpsteak "mediterranean"16,50 €
with canarian potatoes & spicy vegetables

Rumpsteak (200 gr.)16,50 €
with mushrooms, onions, baked potato & sour cream

Steak plate "Cafe Drei"15,50 €
medallons from pig, beef & chicken with bacon-wrapped beans & fried potatoes

We like to serve a varied salad garnish.2,50 €

garnish change and adding of a sauce are possible ( possibly on extra charge)

From Neptune's realm

Fried herring10,50 €
pickled with fried potatoes

Fried Baltic herring 11,50 €
with fried potatoes

Matjes fillet house-special11,50 €
with fried potatoes

Gourmet plate (cold)13,50 €
shrimps, salmon- and troutfillet with two sauces and canarian potatoes

Pike-perch fillet15,50 €
with boiled potatoes, dillsauce & sugar snaps

Plaice fillet13,50 €
with boiled potatoes, dillsauce & sugar snaps

Plaice "Finkenwerder"13,50 €
with fried bacon & fried potatoes

Plaice "Büsumer Art"15,50 €
with shrimps & fried poatoes

Holnisser panfish15,50 €
Three fried fillets of fish with fried potatoes & mustardsauce

Scrumbled eggs with shrimps14,50 €
with salad

Now it's about the little

Nemo4,50 €
fish fingers with french fries and ketchup or mayonnaise

Minnie mouse4,50 €
pizza margarita or salami ( ø20 cm)

Winnetou4,50 €
chicken-nuggets with french fries and ketchup or mayonnaise

Shrek5,50 €
small schnitzel with french fries and ketchup or mayonnaise

Robin Hood0,00 €
here you swipe from your mom or dad

while you are waiting you can take a look in our toy box or we reach you great colouring pictures

Now it's about the very little

Hipp-glass ( 190 g)2,00 €
Fruit- or lunchtimeglasses (after the 4th month)

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